Nearby Archeological Sites in Cancun

Chichén Itzá

Chichen Itza considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, a Mayan Puuc-style construction, has impressive structures.

Located in the central area, the ball game, temples, and the spectacular castle Pyramid of Kukulkan.

How far is ChichenItza from Cancun?

This Mayan site is located in the state of Yucatan, about 120 miles west of Cancun, about 2 hours driving, but the amount of time it takes to get there depends on the method of travel you choose.



El Rey Archaeological Zone.

El Rey archaeological ruins is on the southern end of the Hotel Zone of Cancun, It consists of 47 structures that preserve remnants of a mural painting with representations of Mayan deities and symbols. These buildings served as temples and residences for high status people.


El Meco Archaeological Zone.

El Meco, a small archeological site located in the northern part of Cancun, just outside the center, which makes it easy to visit.


Tulum Ruins

Tulum ruins are the third most-visited archaeological site in Mexico

A Mayan typical architecture, located on east cost of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Tulum was protected on one side by steep sea cliffs and on the landward side by a wall that averaged about 3–5 meters in height. The wall also was about 8 m thick and 400 m long on the side parallel to the sea.

Where is Tulum located? Approximately two hours at south of Cancun.

Mayam Museum

The first Archaeological Museum of Cancun , originally housed in the Center of the city.

The Mayan museum of Cancun is located in the boulevard kukulcan km 16 in the Cancun hotel zone.

Open from: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 18 hours.

Archaeological Site of San Miguelito

San Miguelito was an adopted name. In the 1950s the ruins were found on a coconut ranch called San Miguelito. The original Mayan name is unknown. The site has four distinct areas; The Chaak Palace, the North Complex, the South Complex and the Dragon complex.

Mayam Museum of Cancun and archaeological ruins  of San Miguelito

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